Below are a list of 'Planting for Peace' projects which you can join.

You can also tell us about projects that you are starting in your area so we can list them below for others to know about.

OneJAIN Community – comprising of 30 Jain organisations have initiated multiple projects in London, Hertfordshire, Leicester and Manchester

1) Flagship OneJAIN Project: Creating a Peace Forest in Harrow, London

Planting for Peace - Ahimsa Peace Forest-1.jpg

Creation of ‘Ahimsa’ Peace Forest through planting of at least 1,500 small tree saplings and bulbs at Kenton Recreation Ground in Harrow, NW London. If sufficient funding is secured, we will create an ‘Ahimsa’ Peace Garden that will be a tranquil place of reflection for all to enjoy, as well as a gathering place for interfaith groups to mark important occasions.

This Flagship OneJAIN community-led project involves several Jain community organisations, Harrow Interfaith group (representing members drawn from the Baha'i, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jain, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh and Zoroastrian Communities), as well as Friends of Kenton Rec and other volunteers.

Supported by Harrow Council. Planting partner for the Peace Forest is the Trees for Cities charity. 

Trees can be sponsored for just £10 each (as gifts, for children or to mark special occasions)

If you wish to join for the tree planting, you MUST REGISTER at and are advised to arrive promptly at 11am.

2) Greening Schools Through Peace Trees, Leicester

Project to plant a mixture of sapling trees, yearling trees and wildflower meadow bulbs at 2-3 schools. A school assembly would introduce children to Gandhi and peace, followed by Peace plantings by children of different ages who could also decorate cardboard tubes used to protecting trees with handwritten peace messages. Awaiting further details.

3) Enhancing Lakeside Areas with Peace Trees, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire

Project to plant small trees around a popular park lake, thus creating an attractive area for picnics in the future. Aim is to plant 150 small trees. Awaiting further details and planting date will follow.

For further details contact Varsha Dodhia E: M: 07809 626956

4) Assisting With On-going Tree Planting Projects, Manchester

There are several existing tree-planting projects requiring support from volunteers. Currently exploring possibilities with charity City of Trees in Manchester to participate in on-going projects.

5) Harrow VCS Forum & Harrow Interfaith, London

Participating in creation of Ahimsa Peace Forest at Kenton Recreation Ground in Harrow, NW London starting with planting of over 1000 trees and bulbs on Sat 16th November 2019.

For further details contact Varsha Dodhia E: M: 07809 626956

6) Watford Interfaith Association, London

Will be planting a Peace Tree in the existing Watford Peace Garden in Cassiobury Park, Watford. Details to follow.

Please tell us about 'Planting for Peace' projects that you are starting in your area so we can also list those projects here for others to know about.