1. Join A Planting for Peace Project

Upcoming Tree Planting Dates 'OneJain Flagship Project' – come join us later this year!

Project A) Ahimsa Peace Forest, Kenton Recreation Ground, Harrow:
Sat 16th Nov 2019 (during National Interfaith Week)

Details will follow on how you can get involved on the day to help plant the small trees – a limited number of spades will be available but do bring your own if possible; remember to wear appropriate footwear and clothing for winter weather; refreshments will be provided; children welcomed. Click below to register interest and we will notify you closer to the date with further details.

Project B) Ahimsa Peace Garden, Kenton Recreation Ground, Harrow:
Feb / Mar 2020

This project will be dependent on sufficient funds being raised. Details of exact date will follow for you to help create this garden with laying of paths, preparing and planting flowerbeds. Volunteers from several communities will work together to help establish and maintain the Peace Forest and Peace Garden as community projects.

Click here to see all planting projects. If you know of any others, please let us on uk@loveandcare.srmd.org

Tell your friends and family about these projects. There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active advocate yourself. Join now and make an impact!

2. Fundraising - Donate Now

The flagship OneJAIN project to create an Ahimsa Peace Forest & Ahimsa Peace Garden requires at least £15,000 - please give generously!

Trees can be sponsored for just £10 each (as gifts, for children or to mark special occasions) – you can sponsor several trees or simply make a donation (completing Gift Aid details will enhance your donation). Simply click below to sponsor Trees and help us plant as many projects as possible. This is just the beginning!

Charitable trust and corporate donations are welcomed by contacting us directly. Any excess funds will be used towards enhancement and maintenance of these projects and towards other Planting for Peace projects. The more funds we can raise, the greater number of projects that can be supported.

3. Run Your Own Community Planting for Peace Project

Step 1: APPOINT a 'Peace Tree Champion' in your community or organisation

Step 2: Host your own event

Step 3: Tell us about your project so we can share it with everyone

Use your creativity to be part of the ‘Planting for Peace’ movement. Together with your group, community, organisation - host your own tree planting event and let us know what you are doing. You can also involve your local MP, Mayor, VIPs, Celebrities etc.

Option 1: Join us together at one of the OneJAIN community projects with your community [details above]

Option 2: Join an existing mass tree-planting event by contacting tree-planting organisations like Woodland Trust, Trees for Cities, City of Trees and others in your area.

Option 3:. Create your own ‘Planting for Peace’ tree-planting event at your own grounds or a nearby location with owner permission (eg contact council for local parks, request local school etc). Tree packs are available from Woodland Trust (visit https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/plant-trees/) such as for example an Urban Tree Packs (15 saplings) for just around £50 or sometimes even for free for community groups & schools subject to availability.

Option 4: Create a ‘Peace Garden’ in your local area by discussing with the Council or on private land and involve local interfaith/community groups. This tranquil Peace Garden will be enjoyed by everyone and can also become a regular gathering place to mark important occasions

Option 5: Plant just a single commemorative Peace Tree in a special location (individuals can even plant in their gardens) – single trees available from local garden centers or from organisations like the Woodland Trust.


It is imperative to get expert advice about the suitability of trees for the soil in which they will be planted, proper planting information and most importantly an on-going maintenance regime to ensure beautiful healthy trees are established. Organisations such as Woodland Trust are able to offer such advice.

Seeking Forgiveness

In respect of all living creatures, prior to any planting, say a quiet and thoughtful prayer requesting forgiveness for any disturbance or pain you may cause any living being through your act of planting (such as worms, insects or plants etc.). Thus, please practice great awareness, gentleness and compassion during planting.